Nutra-Lix incorporates the latest in technology into products that utilize university and private research as well as on-ranch tests to provide the best products available at economical prices!

Dealer Products

Specially designed with the cowman in mind!!! Delivered and fed free choice with controlled consumption by a local dealer. Includes a high concentration of nutrients that is formulated for all seasons, all operations, and all classes of cattle. Will enhance the value of your feed resources at a controlled cost.



State-of-the-art Vitamin Mineral Nutrition Chelated - Weatherized - Double-Fortified Fermentation products and yeast cultures are the main non-vitamin-mineral ingredients and they not only enhance consumption of mineral, they enhance efficiency of digestion of fiber containing feedstuffs.


12-8 Solid Tub

20% Protein - 12% natural protein and 8% NPN in a convenient 250 pound plastic barrel. Utilizes a technically advanced vacuum cooking process that results in a hard, highly palatable, nutritionally fortified supplement that dissolves slowly as the cow licks the surface.


Custom Product

A molasses-based supplement that will maximize production at the least cost for feedlots and dairy's is formulated to balance the ration using available feedstuffs. Vitamins, minerals, and ionophores can be added.



Beet and Cane molasses can be delivered to meet your needs, (mix in the ration, use as a carrier for vitamins, mineral, and drugs, or to enhance palatability of the ration).


Improve Performance and Reproduction by
Utilizing Nutra-Lix Products containing Chelated Trace Minerals

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